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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Oct 22, 1999  2:56 am
Subject:  Email Letters of Support

October 21, 1999
6:25 pm

Dear SignWriting List Members:
At my desk, I have a large picture window looking east...towards the
California desert. It was hot today. We have a desert wind called a Santa
Ana wind, and you can see the dust flying out across the desert, with the
moon starting to is absolutely beautiful :-)

So I am sharing this beautiful California evening with you.....

Today was a very special day. Qualcomm decided not to review our grant
until mid-November. I was glad, because they hadn't had time to read the
proposal or look at our web site yet. They had never heard of SignWriting,
even though one of their employees is Richard Gleaves, the programmer and
designer of SignWriter 4.3 in MS-DOS! Qualcomm is a very large company,
with many buildings, and I guess employees can get lost in the maze of
talented programmers :-)

I pointed out to them that one of their employees was the programmer that
created a program used all over the they asked for a letter of
recommendation from Richard.... So I wrote to Richard and asked him to send
the Corporate Office a letter of recommendation on our behalf. Of course he
said yes....he is a good friend. So I have a month's time to supply them
with more information...and so goes the art of collecting funding!!

If there is anyone on the SignWriting List who would be willing to write a
letter of recommendation, stating that you are using SignWriter 4.3, and
you are anxiously awaiting SignWriter 5.0, and that you feel it should be
funded because......

I would be most grateful!

You can send it as an email message to my private email address...

Valerie Sutton

If I receive some email messages of support, I would like to collect them
and place them inside the grant requests that I mail to foundations,
including Qualcomm. I plan to mail to around 20 different foundations -

Many thanks in advance -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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