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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Oct 22, 1999  2:00 pm
Subject:  Re: Changes in the SW List!

October 22, 1999

Good Morning, SignWriting List!

First, I want to welcome Rukhsana, from Pakistan, to the SignWriting List!
It is so nice to meet someone from Pakistan, who works with Pakistani Sign
Language! Thank you for your great introduction, Rukhsana. regards to the message about "Changes to the SW List"...Perhaps
some of you noticed that there was a date at the top of the message? I
write the date at the top of my messages, because sometimes the LISTSERVE
software that manages this List, gets "clogged" and some messages don't
always get sent in sequence. In this case this message had "disappeared" -
I wrote it last Sunday - so I thought the message was lost.

While it was lost (smile), during the middle of the week, we had a
fascinating exchange when Lourdes honestly expressed that she did not
understand "linguistic terminology". That was so good that happened! I am
glad Lourdes told us!!

So that experience made me think clearer. .....Can you imagine if we have
messages written in Spanish or Portuguese or another spoken language?...A
lot of us will be left out, including Lourdes and a lot of Deaf people who
are fluent in a signed language, but not a spoken language. And that is not

So I suggest the following do you all feel about this policy?

(still has to be voted on :-)

1. Signed Languages. The purpose of the SignWriting List is to discuss and
learn about having a List that can accept attached files
does make sense - since that will make it possible for us to share
SignWriting with each other.

2. Spoken Languages. Every message must be written in English at "the top
of" the message. But if a person would also like to place the translation
of that message in another spoken language, at the BOTTOM of the message,
that is fine. That way, no one is left out.

So now I need to know what you all think about this idea?

Thanks so much for your participation and input - It is great to have such
a wonderful List of people working together as a team!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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