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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Oct 22, 1999  2:45 pm
Subject:  Re: Changes in the SW List!

>hi all,
>in principle i agree - but on the other hand i would think it a pity not to
>understand half of what's going on on the list.... i don't think there's
>even one person subscribed who understands all the languages potentially
>coming up on the list. therefore discussions would be reduced to sometimes
>a very small set of people - and i doubt that they'd be as interesting then
>as they are now.
>so: i am glad to receive attachments and see how people write in their
>native (sign-)language, although i do not understand ASL, or even: anything
>other than DGS and a bit of BSL. but i very strongly feel we should stick
>to english as the language for general discussions. (and i apologize again
>for having sent my german messages for stefan to the whole list.)
>best wishes,


Hi Susanne - Thanks so much for this message, and there is no need to
apologize! It is so great that you are on the SW List, because you
contribute so much to our discussions :-)

And I agree with you. If people were forced to learn to read other spoken
languages, a lot of people would drop from the SW List. Actually that
happened to me on another list...I was a member of the Foreign Language
Teachers List for awhile, and they can write messages in any
language...most of the messages were dominated by one or two spoken
languages I did not know, and so I finally dropped from the List. So I do
not want that to happen to the SW List. We have to keep English as the main

In regards to attached files - I suspect it will be more of a "sharing of
ways to write different movements or positions in SignWriting" rather than
really writing entire messages in ASL....but I think we should also make
the policy, that when a person attaches something written in SignWriting,
that they explain it in English in the email message...that way English
remains the central communication form of the SW List....

How does that sound?

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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