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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Oct 23, 1999  1:57 am
Subject:  Re: Receiving attachments, dual language messages...

>As for attachments, Juno will likely never change due to the nature of
>their business. However, if I might propose something here. I am
>willing for anyone on the SW list who can get files by way of FTP, to
>tell me what the file they want and I will post them to one of my FTP
>sites, or, if they will send me a floppy disk by mail with return
>postage, I will be happy to attempt to return it containing the desired
>files (providing they are not copyrighted intellectual property).
>Jerry Spillman
>590 Sir Michael Drive
>Salt Lake City, Utah 84116-1821 USA


Thanks, Jerry, for your very kind offer, and I hope people will take you up
on that offer no matter what!!

And in the past I offered to post on the web too, without requiring
FTP....but I get overwhelmed and then everyone is left waiting for me to
find the time! So that is not a perfect system :-)))

And of course I know that Juno will not change and I am not asking them to!

But we could ask from all members of the SW List to accept that others on
the SW List would like to see some SW inside their email messages, and that
it is simply "a part of being a part of the SW List", that some people will
send attachments. That way the members of Juno will at least understand
what is happening, and if they cannot switch to a new ISP, then such is
life! But meanwhile, Juno is holding SW back, because I think having SW
inside our email messages would be good for people - they would really
learn SignWriting from it - and the List has more people who are NOT on
Juno than ON Juno - so perhaps that is only fair?

By the way, even if we go to attachments, the only attachments that people
can read "inside their email messages" will be .GIF or .JPEG files. The
files typed with the SignWriter Computer Program can also be attached, but
only those people who use SignWriter will be able to open them. Even so, it
will vastly change people's understanding of SW symbols - it can almost
become like free lessons online - so I vote for putting "lessons on email"
as the priority over Juno....

How do all of you feel about this?

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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