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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Sat Oct 23, 1999  7:25 pm
Subject:  Re: receiving attachments

Dear Jean and List,

FTP refers to "file transfer protocol", which is a method of sending
files over the internet. If one has a binary (such as the SignWriter
*.sgn files or sw43.exe) or an ascii (such as *.txt or *.htm or *.html)
file to send to someone else, it can be placed in a "public" directory
on an internet ftp server somewhere, then anyone using an FTP program,
such as WS FTP PRO, or certain browsers such as aol, compuserve 3000,
Netscape 4.0, MS Internet Explorer can download those files to their own
computer. You may want to visit the SignBible FTP page at and click on one of the files
listed just to see if your browser will respond and allow you to
download it. The newer Netscape and Explorer browsers will tell you that
you are about to open a file, and asks if you want to open it or store
it, and gives you a choice of where to place it on your computer, or to
cancel. This service is free, there is no charge. We have many .sgn
files available, even the compressed sw43.exe (self-extracting)
shareware version of SignWriter available. Please feel free to
experiment with it, and do send personal e-mail if you would like more


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