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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Thu May 28, 1998  5:19 am
Subject:  Re: Hello from Marie Alexander and the Maltese Sign Language Project

To >
> Marie Alexander
> Institute of Linguistics
> University of Malta
> Msida MSD 06
> Malta (Europe)
My feeling, having learned it receptively, and now writing it
expressively, is that it actually is easier to use for its specific use.
You write what you see, if your hands are signing, write expressively.
If you write someone else's, write receptively. That way you can check
your work with the signer's by taking your transcription, reversing it,
and signing "is this what you did?" Perhaps I didn't see it correctly.
For everyday use, write expressively, it's your hands moving after all.
For transcription of videotapes and signed performances, I find
receptive shorthand faster.

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