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From:  Francis Bezellain
Date:  Mon Jun 15, 1998  8:07 am
Subject:  Signwritten for Left-handers

Hello to my fellow SignWriting Lists!! :)

I try to be have a joyous greetings when writing this letter to all. I know
this is does not have anything to do with signwriting when I tell you this why
I try to greet in a 'joyous' way, I just got the news from my girlfriend who I
had been dating for quite a while to announce that we are expecting a stork of
our own soon. (I admit I was really shocked for quite a while when I got the
'news'....... but now the 'shock' feeling died down and starting to feel a bit

Okay, anyway the next that I am gonna be talking DOES have alot to do with the
sign writing. Thanks for putting up with me as I get the 'joyous' feeling out
of the way for now. ha ha!

Forgive me, Valerie and other SW fellowers, I have several questions on about
the signwritten fonts or how you call it. I am learning about this, so please
bear with me which I would appreciate!! :))) And again, forgive me if you
did mention all that......... you might want to bawl me out on not paying
attention in some areas, eh? Those fonts the way its typed out....... are
they 'printed' (or composed as I should say) out in any way? I noticed the
samples that you sent me few months ago, that looks like its signwritten as a
right handed.

As I have mentioned that I am a left-handed and I was practicing
composing/printing out a signwritten by looks like its signwritten
as a left-handed when looking at it. A friend of mine was here for a visit
and she had asked me about that where if it is built into the computer, if
there was some way where, we the signwriter, switch the "mode" to right-handed
or left-handed. I know it dont make any differences, it was just a curiosity
that been on my mind and didnt know if this was talked about in previous
newsletters. As I have mentioned before, please forgive me if it was already
talked about! :) (a weak smile)

Did you mention something while back about Jewish/Hebrew? If so, would this
subject already be posted in the archives on the website? I can look that up
so you dont have to re-tell me all this.

And lastly (I hope for now), how many foreign languages are there that you
have put together? I know there are more that are coming along such as the
Brazillian and the Maltese language. You know it will someday eventually
record ALL the langauages around the country! That would be something to see
it happen! Keep up the good work!

And to end this "letter", thank you for being your patience as you read this
long drag on (I am sure I must have bored some of you back to bed by now
:)....) but I really do appreciate it and I will try my best to get better at
it next time and it might not be so lengthy and I might be understable then!
Thank you again!

Francis Bezellain
Bertram, IA
'laughter is the best medicine and it has small side effects to it'

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