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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 27, 1999  1:32 am
Subject:  Classroom Experiences in NM, Part 2

October 26, 1999

Here are a few more quotes from Cecilia Flood in Albuquerque:


"If you've been wondering about the students' reaction to the colorful
materials Valerie has produced...I have one Deaf of Deaf six year old who
commented to herself at first then more 'outloud' to me after I asked for
clarification...during her first SW book inspection...'W-O-W', a two handed
loan sign while pointing to a SW picture dictionary."


"I have one video shot of my 'earliest' reader of SW... (6 yrs) I think I
told you about her last year. She has 'strong' deaf family background, Mom,
Dad, Grandma, Aunts and Uncles, cousins...etc. I had a great session with
her yesterday...we worked on the SW that matched the 'pudding' making
sequence from last week. She also got her first three SW books...her
comment....#WOW! She was kind of commenting to herself...but when I asked
her for clarification...she pointed to the book and repeated it more 'out
loud'...W-O-W! You've seen that fingerspelling loan sign before yes? Blew
me away!"


"Yesterday...Lorraine, the classroom teacher, showed me something very
exciting. Two students included some signwriting (their version) on a
spelling list folder for the class bulletin board. Her comment was that the
two came up with this on their own...they don't sit near each other so it
wasn't a 'shared agreement'. Who knows though...there probably was some
'un-noticed'communication that occured. I hope to make a copy of it and
send it to you...when I get their OK of course. We have some 'inventive' SW
spelling's great!"


"One of my students amazed me too...just jumped up to the dry erase easel
and started to 'write'. I knew there were some 'errors' in 'our'
signwriting.....The kids seem to see the whole thing...and they just go for
it! Adults hesitate if they are not in the 'full know', but kids...their
'go for it''s wonderful!

We had an ice-cream cooking (?) lesson last Friday with all the kids at
Chaparral. I got to be 'involved'. There were two followed the
directions...the other left out a step. The end for
real....and something that looked like a malt. The bottom line...cause and
effect...if you don't follow the'll get something you
didn't expect. At any rate....I wrote up the ice-cream making steps in
sequence using SW. I got to use my new laser printer at worked! I
too forgot a step...unintentionally. So...I went to school and started a
contest...I asked the kids to read the SignWritten steps and tell me which
one I forgot...if they can figure it out...they win a free ice-cream
sundae. Not all of them are involved in the SW sessions... but I encouraged
them to work in teams to figure out the missing steps. I think I might be
putting out for 9 or 10 ice-cream sundaes!"


Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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