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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 27, 1999  6:59 am
Subject:  Re: axial forward movement "room"

October 26, 1999

Hello SignWriting List:

Please see the attached file.

Stefan's questions concern "axial movement". This is very advanced, and
anyone who is new to SignWriting on this List may feel a little lost, but
sooner or later, you will learn just by looking at written signs - so don't
worry if you don't understand something.

To explain the two signs in my attachment.....both show movement that
revolves around an axis. For example, the forearm, in Stefan's sign for
room, is parallel with the front wall, or parallel with your chest. The arm
rotates, without actually traveling anywhere - it stays in one place while
it rotates.

So the axis (the forearm in this case) is parallel with the wall, which is
a "double stemmed symbol" in SignWriting. The rotation revolves around
that, and that is written with a curved arrow on the double stem.

Notice how I have two versions of the same sign with the
curve going one way, and the other going the other way. Believe it or not,
both are correct in this case. These are advanced symbols, and I am longing
for the chance to have some free time to hire an illustrator and do some
very fancy illustrations to explain these symbols, but I have not done
that, and so they are hard to explain...

Basically, the best way to explain it is that movement symbols in
SignWriting paint a picture in space....we are "space painting" :-)

Imagine for one minute, that the "baby-finger" side of your hands have
paint on them. Now do the rotation, finishing with the palms of the hands
facing you. What curve will the baby fingers paint, as they rotate in
place? The curve is curving forward and side again.

Now imagine if your thumbs have paint on them instead....what curve will
the thumbs paint in space to finish with the palms facing you? The curve
will be back and side again.

So these are advanced symbols that work well, once you have knowledge of
other symbols in SignWriting ....for those who would like to start with
some basics, we have lessons on our web site :-)

Hope this helps, Stefan.
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Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton

SignWritingSite...Lessons Online

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