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From:  Lourdes Tollette
Date:  Wed Oct 27, 1999  7:53 pm
Subject:  Re: Creating .GIF Files


I use Paintbrush all the time and need to invert it... Paintbrush do have
(Monochrome Bitmap: *.bmp, *.dip), (16 Color Bitmap: *.bmp, *.dip), (256
Color Bitmap: *.bmp, *.dib), (24-bit Bitmap: *.bmp, *.dip), (Jpeg File
Interchange Format: *.jpg, *.jpeg) and (Gif: *.Gif). I do use that alot and
send to Val the Sw .gif. That how I make a book from it. Lourdes

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Paintbrush won't make GIF files.


Lourdes Tollette wrote:

> Wayne,
> You don't have to be use photoshop. You can be use Paintbrush if you have
> window 3.1, 95 and 98. Lourdes
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> > This seems to be a question for me. I don't know the technical
> >but I use Netscape and get most of my e-mail through Hotmail. When
> >sent his .gif file, it came out perfect included at the end of his
> >His .sgn file I had to download and save and later open through SW.
> >Lourdes' subsequent correction of the sign SEND-SEND-SEND also came
> >fine.
> > Valerie, can you remind me exactly how to convert a SW .sgn file to
> >.gif file? I don't have PhotoShop. I have PhotoDeluxe and the Chinese
> >equivalent of Paint. Thanks!
> > - Wayne
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Hello Wayne!
> Yesterday I suddenly realized that you could share some Taiwan Sign
> Language with us! I bet that would be fascinating for all of us :-)
> And judging by what you say above, it looks like everything is working
> for you - I am so glad!
> In regards to the SignWriter Computer Program...there is no "magic way"
> create .GIF's from fact it is pretty annoying because the
> program is in MS-DOS!
> I am on a Macintosh, and I can run MS-DOS on my Mac with software called
> SoftPC or VirtualPC. And those two programs let me do screen captures of
> MS-DOS, as if I were on a Mac. In the Windows world, I bet there is a way
> to create a screen capture of an MS-DOS screen - I hope so!
> So assuming that you can take a screen capture of an MS-DOS screen, here
> the way I create .GIFs (by the way, there are other ways to do
> is just my way :-)
> I make .GIFs by typing in SignWriter 4.3. Then I create a screen
> capture of the sign, or signs, or screen I want to capture. That creates
> graphics
> file. Then I open the graphics file in Photoshop, and I "invert it",
> getting rid of the black background, and convert it to .GIF. I always use
> the "web" mode for making .GIFs, because I sometimes need diagrams for
> web later anyway.
> If you are not sure how to create a "screen capture", I know you can do
> from both Windows and the Mac. On the Mac, you can get very small
> definition, just capturing one tiny symbol, or a whole screen. The Mac
> strokes for that are: Shift-Command-4. That gives you a cross-hair kind
> symbol, and then you can box the area you want, and lift your finger from
> the mouse, and it places the screen captured graphics file on your
> to open later.
> I have also done screen captures on Windows 98, and if I remember right,
> they have a key called "print screen", and that captures the entire
> I believe. If you press Alt-Print Screen, I believe that will capture
> the Window you are in...although I do not know how to capture a very
> space on the screen, like I do on the Mac.
> Once you open the graphics file in Photoshop, you need to know Photoshop
> and all the ".GIF making techniques" - and unfortunately, there are
> .GIF formats. Slowly our List will learn which formats work, and which
> do not....I have already learned that transparent .GIFs that are made for
> the web do not do well - some people did not get the message - the
> was transparent - ha!!
> I hope this helps, Wayne! Write again anytime with questions -
> Val ;-)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Valerie Sutton
> SignWritingSite...Lessons Online
> Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
> Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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