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From:  Neil Bauman
Date:  Fri Jun 19, 1998  4:34 am
Subject:  Re: SW Keyboard Design

Hi Valerie:

>In regards to the Fingerspelling Keyboard...
>Your Dvorak keyboard will be a "new country", and just like all the other
>15 countries, I will create a special country for the "Dvorak Keyboard", so
>that you do not have any problems.

You are too kind Valerie!

>Just send me the keyboard layout for Dvorak in a picture, showing me where
>they have placed each letter of the alphabet, and I will create the 16th
>country, called "Dvorak".

I will when I need it, my friend. Don't need it right now. Too much other
stuff on my plate for the present.

>Do you want ASL fingerspelling symbols on the Dvorak keyboard? Or do you
>want French or Italian Fingerspelling - you have 15 countries with 15
>fingerspelling systems to choose from :-)

How about Czech fingerspelling? I like that one--it's easier on my fingers
than ASL--but it is somewhat like British fingerspelling--it's two-handed.

>So if you want me to create a working SignWriter 4.3, for the Dvorak
>keyboard, just mail me the keyboard design through snail mail.
>I look forward to seeing it!

I can certainly send you the layout for your information--but don't put
yourself out for me yet.



Neil Bauman
Box 1233
Three Hills, Alberta CANADA T0M 2A0

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