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From:  Deborah Holden
Date:  Wed Oct 27, 1999  7:00 pm
Subject:  "Throw-up"

Hi Val, So good to hear from you. I hope this example helps you to figure out

> Hi Deb! I am so glad you responded, because I was thinking of you. I knew
> you had DIGEST form and I was wondering what was happening in your case...
> I am going to have to ask for some specifics here...what do you all mean
> when you say "throw up". It is a cute term, but it doesn't tell me what you
> see...

Here is an example. I believe it is from Angus.

> ___________________________________________________
> Get Your Private, Free Email at
> ------=_NextPart_000_1529a5d9_da05900$9bbe3d2
> Content-Type: image/gif; name="Jetzt versuche ich.gif"
> Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="Jetzt versuche ich.gif"
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
> +w+G4kiW5omm6sq27gvH8kzX9o3n+s73/g8MCofEovGITCqXTF0g0IxKp9Sq
> 1fO8arfcrjeYBYS/5LL5jM6Ex+m2+w23sg3zuP2Oz9vqdb3/DxgI0idYaHiI
> qECYyNjoCLf4KDlJKQdViZmpucnZ6fkJGio6evJkenpJqrrK6oCK2horO3rq
> ajqLm0tZ28Cr+wsMeEuXmjA2HJys3IZMeBy5HC0d1Zy6Zo1dPL3NnVR9cA2e
> 3U1ePvQsroidngNt/h6MTqzOLqZd4w6vP9sX2X8/I9++gav+2VogcEVCggw/
> LZTw8MIcgw0rxooIAWOFif8ANaJB5gKkxRK+iHlccpJByggcEQL8I5JFzJEi
> StpbiQSnsZeDtFEUNDOkTpo7fb1KM7QeSZ8dXwVlllRNVKI3q9kkM3UqPQT/
> nPI88xRGWHNeMXqtevVL1q9YmD4aK5RtubJyXR49+7HuRr0aWjKCGwMwFb48
> 0op7eNSkVbWEITaW6Pav1raPmVTGYVjxXqOwTDKueZmCX0N0O2vuC7J05imm
> z0UUfPrwuM8fJu+8fUh1atgqd+v20loIb88TbHIObSSpba6RSV8eTtzCcnx4
> gcSkq67pdCk6t89jjkgj9JsYvMsoK5wP+qJ2kZfp7r5480InYY9XOthp9MLx

I hope you get the idea I didn't want to do too much and annoy everyone. Like I
said I don't mind at all. It was just so exciting to see SignWriting on the
that I will accept the problem for the odd SW message to get through. It would
great of course if we could fix it though. SMILE.

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