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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Wed Oct 27, 1999  10:53 pm
Subject:  Re: Re 2 English Glosses / German DGS version...

Dear Val

I found your answer in the egroups - with gif.
thank you for the flowers :-).. so you realize that I´m working hard on this
- there are so many other questions coming to my mind, while I try to
transcribe whatever I need to transcribe into SW. So be patient with me ..
step by step - well and mistakes are our friends.

Yes there are several variations to sign "Signlanguage, signing, sign"
(Gebaerdensprache, gebaerden, Gebaerde) one these variations needs this
rubbing-symbol just as you understood . It´s funny but I bet that using the
copy order (Alt + k) it happened to often that "my signing hands) are
mirrored in the wrong direction - black and white at the wrong place - but
I take care of that now very thoroughly.

What do you mean with glosses? Do you really want me to write German word (
or the equivalent English translation) underneath each sign?

I don´t like that - I like to write English or German translation as a new
paragraph. No problem. But I was so happy to get in SW a tool that allows to
say good bye to this translation with glosses - broken German that allows
the critics to look down at DGS as a primitiv version of German -

Just the contrast is eyecatching : Here the wonderful SW - sentence - and
there the other language - both of them in perfect order.

So I tried to transcribe the following sentence, which Angus formulated
first in some other words.

I had to look up the english words in my dictionaries to realize what would
fit in German best: A translation from Angus sentence to German was:

Ich versuche jetzt Gebaerdensprachschrift(zeichen) an verschiedene
Empfänger zuzustellen.

I would translate this back to english - not knowing what the translation
service would recomend:

Now I try to send SignWritingsymbols to differen addressees.

In order to allow you to have a look at the various possibilities to sign
the different words in DGS, I would like to send a gif with my next email.
There I can write the word under each SW - symbol . It would be interesting
to compare how these words would be translated (SW - symbols) in other SL of
the world.

Bye for now

;-) Stefan

If I have your comment memorized correctly - I can´t see anything in this
file - its nothing there -

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>Subject: Re: Re 2 English Glosses / German DGS version...
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>Val ;-)
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