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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Oct 28, 1999  11:11 am
Subject:  Roller Coaster Ride :-)

9:00 pm

October 27, 1999

My dearest SW List Members!

You are a pretty terrific bunch of positive people...I must thank you all for having such patience with all of these silly problems. Obviously hotmail and my mail are having trouble communicating.....the fact that when I post to the group that they show up blank in hotmail - how weird can you get!

But no matter what, I appreciate it, that you all smiled with me as we rode the roller coaster today! Thanks for that...

So now let me tell you what happened, on top of all this! Today around 4:00pm California time, my entire email system broke down at DeafVision, and I could not send and receive anything! Maybe all our attached files broke DeafVision's server (grin - just joking)..

So for five hours I have not been able to write to you from the SignWriting accounts. Talking about weird email problems...even when they fix the problem temporarily it comes back on me later, so of course I have to work this out with them...their web server is very fast and snappy, (at least I hope it has been for all of you?) it is only their email that has been giving us some problems...

I knew that Stefan didn't realize that I had answered all his questions about "room" - there were three messages with several attachments...they are messages number 2125, 2126, and 2127 in the SW List look there, Stefan!!

Meanwhile, DeafVision has not fixed the problem completely, and I only have occassional success with accessing my email right now, but I do have a dial-up account with a local ISP, so I could get up on the guess what I did?!!

I joined HotMail!  I now have ANOTHER email address at:     ;-)))))

So maybe if I send my attached files to the SW List, from hotmail - do you think hotmail users will be able to read my messages? -  We should try that!

However, on a more serious note, I am beginning to wonder about the attachments....people do not seem to want to access the Archives very much, and I wonder if the "pictures in email" idea is just too complicated....there are too many different kinds of computers out there and everyone sees things differently...UNLESS you all are willing to look at the Archives on the web to see the diagrams...if that is a hassle for you, we can cancel the whole idea of attachments and go back to the way we were?

Now that you all know how to make .GIF files (grin), and I don't have to create them for you, then I could probably post something quickly on our SignWritingSite, and then direct the whole List to the would be delayed a little though, and would not be as immediate as the attached files viewed in the Archives...

At this point I am so exhausted I don't know what to think, and the time this is taking is eating into more important projects...I am late on several web postings now of I guess we can sleep on it and see!

Good night everyone :-))

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