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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri Oct 29, 1999  12:16 pm
Subject:  Re: SW - dolphin -

Hi Wayne and friends,

Iīm grateful for your comment.
I posted another one - I like it better.

But - Wayne - I feel happy about the fact that both of us get exactley the
same impression on what the movement should look like. I couldnīt describe
it better - except for SignWriting. I love it.

Would you please have a look at the next one. I want to sign field - you
know The field of the farm.

One of my pupils lives in "Feldhausen" I would like to make a poem in
German - and as well write it in SW -
So I need to sign the combination "field" plus several houses

My question
1) How to make sure, that the sign is done in the upper region - I mean at
the level of the shoulders - forward and sometimes slightly to the right at
the end.

2) How do we write sign-combinations? Just letting them follow - next sign
to the right - or if there is space enough underneath - or with a special
sign like ~ this one or +

Thanks for your help.

School starts again on Tuesday so I have lots of time to study SW. And Iīm
doing with great effort. I do appriciate your support very much.

This morning I felt bad conscious of having not written my letter of support
- so I sat down and started.
Hopefully valerie will be well again! Iīm concerned.

Have a great day all of you


Feld (field) .gif
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