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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Nov 6, 1999  2:55 am
Subject:  Re: Axial stationary movement "Reverse, opposite"

>You didnīt write contact symbols - not in the startposition - how do I know
>that the indexfingers are touching ?
>Same in endpositon ?
>I like the sign - looks nice - My little students would never forget itīs


Hello Stefan and Everyone!

Really? What is the meaning of that sign? It is Japanese Sign Language...I
don't know what it means! Perhaps Mark has already told you?...please tell

In regards to writing contact, some people choose to write it a lot, but
some people don't too. The Danes announced to me back in 1984, that they
had decided to only write the contact symbol IF "no touch" would mean
something else - in other words - if there was no conflict in meaning, then
they would choose to write the least amount of symbols necessary.

That is fine with me, just as long as the hands are written close to each
other, looking like they do in real life.

Take the sign for Deaf in ASL, for instance. Do you need two touching
contact stars? Not really. A lot of Deaf people sign it so quickly, they
don't even touch their face at all - so there is a great deal of variation.

Remember that standardized spellings have not been established yet - those
will come with usage and dictionaries. Right now, people are free to "spell
signs" as they wish, just as long as it can be read and understood by
others :-)

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