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From:  Ingvild Kristine Roald
Date:  Mon Nov 8, 1999  9:54 am
Subject:  Re: Axial stationary movement "Reverse, opposite"

Hi all,

I have a problem with both the axial movements (the 'room' from
Germany and the 'reverse/ opposite' from Japan). If I am to read
horizontally, the writings are OK, but if I should read this in a
vertical column, and the sign itself should be read from the bottom,
I myself feel confused and get a break in my reading. The same is
true for all signs with movenets going forwards or upwards. Of course
we would have the same sort of problem reading horizontally, if the
movement was leftwards, but that is not very common, is it?

At least I feel that for *stationary* movement, as we are talking
about in this example, the first rotational posistion of the hands should be on
top and the
last should be at the bottom of the written sign.

This has to do with the lack of spelling rules (which will have to grow
out the actual use of the writing system) and the ability that
we as yeat lack to read the sign as a whole.

All the best to everyone,


Ingvild Kristine Roald
Reseach fellow, Department of Applied Education
University of Bergen, N-5020 BERGEN, Norway
Department phone: +47 55 58 48 30
Department fax: +47 55 58 48 80
Private phone: +47 55 28 34 34

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