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From:  James Womack
Date:  Sat Nov 13, 1999  10:48 am
Subject:  Re: do not spam me sorry

Patrick McCarthy wrote:
> plse refrain from sending me tons of emails please
> thanks
> therefore plse un-subscribe me


Retrieve the instructions for subscribing to this list.
You used to them send a subscription request, as no one but
you can do this. Read those instructions which also contain
information for unsubscribing yourself.. That way, you will avoid
two things:

1. Harassing the moderator for something that in essence is your
2. Cluttering the list with unsubscribe requests which is 100% in
your control.

For future reference if you ever join any other list o return

Retain the instructions for subscribing and un subscribing.
Learn what the list is so you know it's something youw ant to
Realize it is YOU who are joining and no one has taken control of
your computer and forced you to join.
Therefore, you decided IF and WHEN you will join or leave it.
And the world knows a bit more peace.

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