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From:  Ingvild Kristine Roald
Date:  Tue Nov 16, 1999  1:13 pm
Subject:  Re: A question...writing takes time now

Hi all,

this question of how much time it takes to write a sign, that is
exatly what I meant when I said in a former message that we don not
have (strict, explisit, ...) spelling rules.
It means that as long as the users of a certain sign language has not
used SignWriting long enough to basically agree on the spelling of
most signs, we will have to try to figure out what is the most
important thing to write in that sign. What iss really a part of the
sign, a necessary part of it, what would lead to misunderstandings if
you did not write it. And also you have to really look at your hands
and feel your face, shoulders etc. For those of us who are hearing,
we hardly remember when we were sounding out the words to learn
reading, and we definitly do not feel for the position and movements
of the tounge and the lips etc. in order to figure out how to write a
word. But something like that is what we are doing in SW now - there
are few right answers at the moment (but there are some wrong ones -
if we disobey the spelling rules we do have, or we place the hand in
a posistion it does not have, or ... ). So this means that getting a
dictionary of any SL with the signs correctly spelled, will take
time. In the meantime, we are the experimenters, and the rules will
follow as we go on. In time it will be more easy, when there is more
written material about, and more SL users are also SW users and can
make their critique of the attempts.

Good luck to you all,


Ingvild Kristine Roald
Reseach fellow, Department of Applied Education
University of Bergen, N-5020 BERGEN, Norway
Department phone: +47 55 58 48 30
Department fax: +47 55 58 48 80
Private phone: +47 55 28 34 34

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