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From:  Wayne in Maine
Date:  Wed Nov 17, 1999  1:49 am
Subject:  Re: Spoken Language Translation Programs

Priscila wrote:
>Muito obrigada pelos enderecos que voce me mandou,
>esta sendo muito util.
>Estou achando um pouco dificil esse metodo de escrita, mas
>acho que com o tempo eu pego o jeito.
>Mais uma vez obrigada,
>e que Deus abencoe.

Valerie -
I'm not sure Priscila used a translation program to write the message
below, as it's not the same as what's above. The above message says:
"Thank you very much for the addresses that you sent me. It has been
very useful.
I am finding this method of writing a little difficult, but I think
with time I'll get used to it.
Thanks once again, and may God bless."

- Wayne

>Hello Valerie............ ' -)
>I feel very for the delay, but I do not know to say English.
>Necessary to look at in the translator. Perhaps I wrote wrong.
>Answering its question, yes, I would like to receive the package that voce
>spoke, and to be part of the stack.
>I liked them very sites that he showed to me. Still I find a little dificil
>the writing of the signs, but I am studying.
>The people of the stack are all of U.S.A.? Nao exists the possibility to
>work in the site tambem in Portuguese.
>Thank's for atencao,

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