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From:  Lourdes Tollette
Date:  Wed Nov 17, 1999  11:07 am
Subject:  Re: learning to e-mail


I have been thru alot and it really waste my time. When I call tech support
thru Relay and I have to wait til Relay tell me push 1 for spnaish. Push 2
for english then I say 1 and relay push 1, and then push 1 for computer
push 2 for printer, then I say 1 and relay push 1 that give me alot more
time to reach. It will go on untill to reach them. Sometime relay say
"Hold" and listen "music" so I hold till answer. Sometime When I call relay
and ask for number and relay will tell me when the person pick up and talk
with me and also tell me if relay hear something background like baby cry,
tv loud, vaccume or something like that. Like sometime when I call relay
and relay telling me it was anwer machine but the time run out before we
leave the message and had to hung up then I have to give relay to leave
the message before re-dial that number again and left message. And then
relay say to me left message bye ga to sk. Then I say sk. I never like
answer machine because sometime it is long distant and have to call back
twice and left the message.


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>Call me old old fashioned, romantic, sentimental, dense -- but when I call
>for technical support, I get: "push 1 for english, 2 for spanish", "push
>pound for purchase, star for support", "push 1 for computer" "2 for
>software" "3 for printer", "push 1 for regular business hours" "2 for
>nights" "3 for weekends", "push 1 for liberal", "2 for conservative",
>3 if married" "4 if single", "push 1 if prochoice", "push 2 if prolife",
>then I get to listen to some commercials followed by "push 8 to buy" "push
>to continue".

James Kegl


James -
What a comical message! I laughed and laughed when I read it - it is just
the way it feels when you get those tape recordings...

I am does it feel when a Deaf person has to get technical
support? If hearing people are put on hold, and made to listen to these
awful tape recordings, what happens when you are Deaf? I am assuming you
must feel terrible frustration! Does the Relay service wait while you are
put on hold?

I have often thought about this...I wonder if more and more Deaf people use
the web for tech support?

Val ;-)

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