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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Thu Jul 2, 1998  1:27 am
Subject:  chironomy

Hi; I like that term chironomy. Oxford English Dict. just says it
means the science of in oratory. If we extend its meaning
to include natural languages like ASL, then what do we call...(the
original meaning)? Do you have a detailed reference for that word?

Either way seems a stretch; the Kodaly method uses a gesture system, only
very arguably a "language," so "chironomy" needs be
extended to include natural languages like ASL. On the other hand, if
talking about SignWriting as a notational system, since we are talking
about writing, (-graphy meaning writing and all) maybe chirography
would be a better choice?

Maybe...Chironomy written either by chirography or computer?
(primary signed languages like ASL, NSL, written by hand or PC.)
.....or maybe not (~_~).

Joe Martin
On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, Charles Butler wrote:

> The proper term is cheironomy, not cheirography. Cheirography is
> handwriting, cheironomy is gesture language (as the word was used in the
> 14th century). The word now means a gesture system indicating a musical
> chant (such as the Kodali hand-sign system for solfeggio singing). So a
> cheironomic alphabet is Sign Writing. Kodali would be a specific
> application of cheironomy.

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