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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 30, 1999  7:38 pm
Subject:  Opening Attached .SGN files

November 30, 1999

Dear SW List Members:

I have been feeling a little frustrated because it seems that the SW List,
and several other Lists too, are not functioning very well right now. I
send a message and it finally posts to the List 12 to 24 hours later - I
have already posted several diagrams with explanations, and I am waiting
for them to arrive to the List before I can post more....and people are
waiting for their technical answers....darn!

Well, anyway, here is a technical question that does not involve a diagram
to answer it. Maybe it will arrive sooner? Who knows! ;-)

QUESTION: Once an attached .SGN file (SignWriter file) is sent to me, how
do I open it in SignWriter?


1. STEP ONE: Find the file.

The first step is to find where your computer "placed the attached file".
For example, I set my software up so that all my attached files are plopped
on my computer desktop...that way I find them faster.

If you cannot find the attached file, try the FIND or SEARCH command on
your computer. I am sorry I don't know Windows better - but I am sure they
must have a search command of some kind!


2. STEP TWO: Place the file in your SW directory.

If you are in Windows, find the SW folder, and take your mouse and select
the icon for the file, and drag the icon into the SW folder. That places
the file "in your SW directory".

If you are in MS-DOS, you need to copy the file into your SW directory.


3. STEP THREE: Open the SW computer program as you always do.

The name of the file will appear in the rectangular file box in SignWriter.
Then use the Open Command to open the file in SignWriter, just as you do
with all other files.


If you have problems with this, please tell me. These are basic computer
skills, but they need to be learned and I know how frustrating computers
can be!

Keep attaching those files!

Val ;-)

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