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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Dec 6, 1999  2:02 am
Subject:  Re: country list

James Shepard-Kegl wrote:
>I hope to me in Amsterdam next summer to deliver two papers: the first, a
>basic intro to SW; the second, a more insightful exploration of our
>experiences with SW in Nicaragua (more on this in a moment.)
>As I write the basic intro paper (a mere five pages -- easy to do), I am
>noting those countries where one could fairly say at least one school is
>pursuing some form of serious SW literacy experiment. I am browsing through
>your web material, but I know that invariably I will omit someone. But, I
>am hoping that almost off the top of your head you can produce such a list.
>(The list seems to be growing monthly.)


December 5, 1999

Hello James and Everyone on the SW List!

James....That is great that you will be presenting two papers in Amsterdam.
Beautiful city....I love it!

Yes...the number of countries and groups using SignWriting are definitely
growing, and will be larger by the time you reach Amsterdam next summer.

Below is a listing of countries off the top of my head that have had one or
more groups work with SignWriting on a serious basis. Not necessarily all
for literacy. Some more for research than actual literacy. We can discuss
this issue more later, but here is the list off the top of my head (please
forgive me if I forgot someone!):

As of December, 1999:

1. group in French-Belgian Sign Language
2. Belgium...two groups in Flemish-Belgian Sign Language
3. Brazil...several groups in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo
4. Canada...two groups in Ontario
5. Denmark....both in the schools and for research, dictionary building,
interpreter training etc....4 schools
6. just started with one teacher ..more about that later
7. teacher at one school for Deaf children
8. Ireland ...Irish Sign Language Dictionary
9. of 30 used the computer program for several years, now new
researchers began new project
10. dictionary research project
11. Nicaragua....two schools, dictionary building, literature translation,
research etc....
12. Norway...two schools, also used for research, dictionary building,
textbook publishing etc.
13. Peru...just starting with one school and one Deaf adult group
14. South teacher in one school for the Deaf will start in the
15. Spain...teaching Deaf adults with beautiful new textbooks written in SW
and Spanish
16. Switzerland...translating textbooks in their languages, not sure how
they will apply it
17. Taiwan ...dictionary building
18. UK - International Sign Language research project at University of Bristol
19. USA...several projects, but the largest most ongoing project is:

Albuquerque Public Schools
SignWriting Literacy Project

Teacher's Reports, Albuquerque

Classroom Experiences, Albuquerque

Interviews with Deaf Students, Albuquerque

Samples Of Student's SignWriting, Albuquerque

Other groups in the USA:

Algonquin Middle School
Contact Teacher: Deborah Holden

Caldwell Elementary School, Wichita, Kansas
Contact Teacher: Diana Smith

Homeschool, Lewis Family
Contact Teacher: Michele Lewis

Homeschool, McReynolds Family
Contact Teacher: Dawn McReynolds

Jordan Vocational High School, Columbus, Georgia
Contact Teacher: Cynthia Frey

Texas School For The Deaf, Austin, Texas
Contact Teachers: Dr. Vicki Everhart & Christine Sicoli

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