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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Dec 12, 1999  4:33 pm
Subject:  Re: Writing Legs & Feet

> Val wrote:
> Yes. SignWriting originally stems from DanceWriting, so we write the legs
> and feet too. If there is no contact with the leg or foot, then the sign is
> written beneath the hip line, and that is all.

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


>> Is SignWriting blending with DanceWriting? Is that what is happening?



Well, yes, in a way. The entire writing system is called:

Sutton Movement Writing & Shorthand

And as you know, it is a complete movement notation system for recording
all movement...not just human movement, but animal and insect as well. The
system includes five sections:

1. DanceWriting, records dance choreography

2. SignWriting, records signed languages

3. MimeWriting, records classic mime and gesture
4. SportsWriting, records gymnastics, ice skating, karate
5. ScienceWriting, records physical therapy, movements of autistic
children, body language, animal movements, and so forth.

So technically, the Sutton system is ONE writing system, but because
dancers do not need a way to write sign language, and signers do not need a
way to write dance steps, we went to the work of "specifying" the writing
system for different professions. Hence, DanceWriting and SignWriting.

However, in the case of writing legs and feet...that is moving towards
writing gesture in general - I have noticed that some of the signed
languages in the south pacific touch the legs and feet a there is
a case where knowing the whole writing system has the divisions
between SignWriting, DanceWriting and MimeWriting can be blurry at times,
and they do inter-blend.

Val ;-)

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