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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Dec 15, 1999  7:00 pm
Subject:  Re: Comparison of SignWriting with ASL Notation?

>Are there any studies of the pros and cons of Signwriting when compared with
>the notation scheme used in the ASL Dictionary and the BSL/English



Hi Trevor -
I believe you mean the Stokoe system, invented by an American linguist
named Dr. William Stokoe. Both the Stokoe system and SignWriting are used
to transcribe American signs, as well as BSL signs. And so is HamNoSys.

You may possibly have missed my recent message posted to the SW List about
this subject. Here is the message again:

November 17, 1999

Dear SignWriting List Members:

I am writing to announce an important new forum on our SignWriting Web Site.

It is entitled:

The SignWriting Linguistics Forum
....linguistic issues surrounding SignWriting...

The first article posted in the Linguistics Forum is:

"Writing the Same Signs in
Different Transcription Systems

Comparing HamNoSys, Stokoe & SignWriting"

This article is co-authored by three people:

Susanne Bentele
Universitaet Hamburg, Germany

Stokoe System
Joe Martin, Western Washington University

Valerie Sutton
Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting

The article also shows the Shorthand system that is a part of SignWriting:

SignWriting Shorthand

Hope you enjoy the new Linguistics Forum. More articles are planned in the
future, including an in depth comparison between the Stokoe system and
SignWriting, written by linguist Joe Martin.

Have a wonderful day!

Val ;-)

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