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From:  Roving Reporter
Date:  Tue Jul 14, 1998  3:40 pm

My apologies if this seems off-topic, but it does seem relevant to the work
being done on a Signwriting-based dictionary. I've liberally snipped the
original press release, but I imagine anyone who wants to can read the full
version at the Sorensen website, mentioned at the end. Also apologies for
the delay, I didn't have the posting address handy for this list.
Sorenson Vision Introduces Breakthrough CD-ROM-based American Sign Language
Interactive Learning Tool


SignLink's Large ASL Lexicon, Revolutionary Parameter Searching
Capabilities and High-Quality Video Simplifies Vocabulary
Building and Sharpens Recognition of Signs

Sorenson Vision, Inc., a privately held maker of digital video
compression tools, has released SignLink, an innovative CD-ROM-based
multimedia lexicon and tutorial for American Sign Language (ASL).

The interactive learning tool includes a compilation of widely used ASL
signs, powerful parameter searching capabilities based on distinguishing
characteristics of individual signs, and more than 1,000 high-quality video
clips of the most common signs -- linked to approximately 2,300 English

What sets SignLink apart are its revolutionary parameter searching
capabilities. Over the past several decades, sign linguists have been able to
break down sign language into a number of definable elements. These include
handshape, palm orientation, location, movement, and non-manual behavior such
as facial expressions and posture.

SignLink's large lexicon provides a complete phonetic breakdown (how a
sign is produced -- the equivalent to how a word is pronounced in a spoken
language) for each ASL sign included. Using the CD-ROM's powerful, yet easy-
to-use parameter search feature, users can quickly locate an unfamiliar sign.

SignLink's simplified parameter system, interface and fuzzy search
algorithms are so innovative, Sorenson Vision is patenting them. The CD-ROM
also allows users to locate signs by traditional type scrolling as well as by
word searching.

To provide a broad overview on ASL sign language for beginning users,
SignLink also includes three specialized learning modules. A module on deaf
culture summarizes the history of the deaf in the United States, including
profiles of such influential people as Thomas Gallaudet and Alexander Graham

The grammar module offers tutorials on fingerspelling, numbers,
dominance, concepts of time, different types of questions, forming negatives,
pronouns, and conversational feedback. The phonetics module provides
additional background on the linguistic parameters of ASL and how the
language's basic building blocks combine to create signs.

SignLink is designed to work on computers running either Windows 95 or
the Mac OS operating system.

For more information, as well as a demonstration of Sorenson Vision's
products, interested parties should visit the Sorenson web site at
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