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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Dec 21, 1999  9:06 pm
Subject:  Re: Brazilian National Hymn written in SW

>The correct URL is
>Antônio Carlos


December 21, 1999

Thank you, Antonio Carlos, for informing us about the Brazilian National
Hymn written in Libras by Marianne Stumpf. I have now placed a link from
our SignWriting Web Site to your posting of the Brazilian National Hymn.
The link is located in the "SignWriting in Brazil Directory" online (see
number 7 below):

SignWriting In Brazil Directory


1. Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary Project

Sample Pages From The Brazilian Dictionary

"Dicionario de lingua brasileira de sinais"
Instituto Nacional de Educacao de Surdos

"Dicionario de sinais sai este ano"
published in the Journal da USP...April 1999

"Para Ler e Sentir"
Journal of the Sao Paulo State Research Foundation


2. SIGNET Project
article planned for Spring, 2000


3. SIGNDIC Computer Program


4. SignWriting In Brazil Internet Broadcast


5. SignWriting In Brazil Reports 1996-1997


6. History in Brazilian Portuguese
Um capítulo da história do SignWriting
by Ronice Müller de Quadros

Brazilian Literacy Project
Contact Teacher: Ronice Quadros



Children's Story written in LIBRAS
"Uma Menina Chamada Kauana
A Little Girl Called Kauana"

Brazilian National Hymn
Written in Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS)
Transcribed from video into SignWriting
by Marianne Stumpf, December 1999


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