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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Dec 27, 1999  4:56 pm
Subject:  Re: Drumming Fingers

>Would you consider the trill on "wait" in ASL to be the single finger
>trill because the hand does not move as well, as compared to "friendly"
>where the hands "multiply" trill while moving in circles near the face?


December 27, 1999

Dear SW List Members:

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

I am slowly working on the Advanced Finger Movement lesson on the web. It
is not completed yet.

But in answer to your question above, Charles, the signs in ASL for "wait",
"friendly" and "fire" all use multiple trills. But the sign for "few" in
ASL uses a single trill.

I will attach two files in the next two email messages, showing examples of
these signs.

The multiple trills mean that the fingers don't open only once...instead
they open and close many times, whether the arms move or not. But in the
sign for "few" there is only one opening, so that is a single trill.

Hope this answers your question - if not just write again!

Val ;-)

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