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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jan 9, 2000  5:59 am
Subject:  Re: American sign for "FEW"

>I don't know what the cultural American deaf actually use but when
>learning ASL
>for the past few years, I learned FEW and SEVERAL. SEVERAL was like how
>you are
>showing FEW. FEW opened all but the last (pinky) finger. The thumb stopped
>against the pinky, which would remain bent.
>Bill Reese


Dear SW List, and Bill...

Thanks for this information, Bill. That is interesting!

Since my job is to teach how to write ANY movement, no matter what the sign
means...then this can be written too. It sounds like the sign for FEW that
you mention above, only opens three fingers instead of four, and it ends in
an American "6" handshape, or a "W" handshape rather than the "4" that the way you would describe it?

So, Bill, can you write that difference for us in SignWriting? You can take
my original .GIFs and just make the change...You can find the "W" handshape
on this web page:

American Manual Alphabet

I hope you will send us a .GIF!

Val ;-)

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