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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jan 10, 2000  3:04 am
Subject:  If you need to leave the List.....

>Karen Michaels wrote:
>> Please delete my email address from your email mailing list
>> thank you

>The first request to take your name off was understandable. But to
>send the message three times was rude to all of us. Next time, give her
>time to act! And think of the other people on the list.
> -Angus B. Grieve-Smith


January 9, 2000

Hello Everyone and Hi Angus....

Thanks for defending me :-)))

I believe Karen must have sent all three requests at the same time...she
probably didn't realize that I have to delete her name manually - it is not
something that LISTSERVE does without the proper commands from my personal

And of course, the moment I saw her messages, I did delete Karen from the
List immediately...

That means Karen did not read your message, because she was already off by
the time you wrote it.....

But this does bring up important information for everyone...Lots of people
leave and then join again, depending on how much time they have to read all
the messages. In other words, they jump off and on the List at will, and
they do this from their computer...they are not dependent on me to do it
for them. There are special commands for LISTSERVE, and I can teach you how
to do this yourself. Or I can do it for you...Just be sure to write to me
personally rather than posting to the List about it:


And I am always glad to help you!

Val ;-)

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