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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jan 10, 2000  10:34 pm
Subject:  Printing & Creating SW Dictionaries

>Anyway How can I print out the entire SW dictionary with words? The reason I
>ask is I'm making a seeing Dictionary for Nicole and I want to paste the SW
>word next to the picture and English words.


January 10, 1999

Dear SignWriting List Members
and Dawn....

There are many different choices when creating dictionaries in
SignWriting. I will now start a series of email messages (slowly) on
how to print and create dictionaries with SignWriting.

One choice is to create the dictionary in the SignWriter Computer
Program, version 4.3, in MS-DOS. Then print the dictionary file with
the Dictionary Manager Program, that comes with SignWriter 4.3.

If you already own the SignWriter International Package which comes
with the Notebook with five manuals, in the third manual, called
"SignWriter-At-A-Glance" on page 25 you will find these instructions
on printing dictionaries with the Dictionary Manager:

Printing Dictionaries
To print a dictionary file, you must use the Dictionary Manager program.
1. Quit the SignWriter program. You are now in MS-DOS.
2. Type DICT. Press Return.
3. Type p (for Print). Press Return.
4. Print what dictionary?
5. Type the name of the dictionary file. Press Return.
6. Starting page number?
7. Type 1 to start with page 1. Press Return.
8. Print size 16 or 24 points?
9. Type the 16 or 24 and press Return.
10. Print 1 or 2 columns?
11. Type 2 for 2 columns, or 1 for 1 column. Press Return.
12. Print how many copies?
13. Type the number of copies you want. Press Return.
14. This will appear: Setting up printing...It will now print.

The printing of dictionaries usually works best with laser
printers...any laser printer including those made my Hewlett Packard

More soon -

Val ;-)

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