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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jan 20, 2000  10:59 pm
Subject:  SignWriting Report Jan. 20, 2000

January 20, 2000

Dear SignWriting List!

This is a short report to tell you about recent events....

1. Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary
For the past month, little by little, I have been writing a 50-page
"Introduction to SignWriting" for the Brazilian Sign Language
Dictionary, which will be published in Brazil this year. I have now
placed the Introduction in the capable hands of the director of the
Dictionary Project, Fernando Capovilla, who has the big job of
translating the Introduction into Portuguese and also finding
Brazilian signs to go with the diagrams. No small task indeed!

I feel very honored that SignWriting is now being published in
dictionaries of this kind...dictionaries with hard-backed covers that
are used by a whole nation, as a source of information about their
signed language. And Brazil is not the only country making such
plans. Two other countries, to my knowledge, are also planning to use
SignWriting for their dictionaries.

2. Membership Meeting This Saturday
The day after tomorrow, we will hold our Annual Membership Meeting in
my home in La Jolla. Thank you, everyone for your proxies! It is nice
to know your vote is with us :-))

If you still haven't sent yours in, you can do it from the web:

Proxy Form for Meeting January 22, 2000

3. Lots & Lots Of Private Email
Thank you everyone for all of your email - Everyday is a tapestry of
reports from different countries. And South Africa is waiting for
their materials to start the SignWriting Literacy Project there. That
is exciting!

4. An editor from the New York Times has now contacted me a second
time and expressed interest in writing an article about
SignWriting...I am waiting for her telephone call right now, while I
write this message!

I hope to be more active on the SignWriting List starting Monday...I
am preparing SignWriting E-Lessons for you ...I hope the Lessons
Online are useful to you all..if you have technical questions feel
free to post them to the List and I will answer them next week!

Have a wondeful weekend everyone!

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