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From:  Ronald Zapien
Date:  Wed Jul 15, 1998  11:05 pm
Subject:  Re: ASL folk tales

Valerie Sutton wrote:
> >Subject: ASL folk tales
> >
> >Valerie.... Hi there Emailing from much closer this time .... Sunny AZ I
> >was just sitting here thinking and planning for the kindergarten class I have
> >this summer and was wishing I had some place to see ASL folk tales that I
> >could use with my students.... SW site might be a great place for that....
> >Just an idea I thought I'd pass on..
> >
> >Thanks BJ
> ________________________
> Hello BJ!
> Nice to hear from you again. Your suggestion comes at the perfect time...
> As you all know, last week we had a "focus week" on developing our computer
> program.
> >From July 15th (today) to August 15th ...we are having a "focus month" on
> completing and printing children's literature written in ASL in SignWriting.
> Then, at the end of August, I hope to mail the literature to the schools
> participating in the SignWriting Literacy Project. For example, at Robarts
> School, 40 children may be reading the literature in the fall. I am very
> excited about the prospects of getting feedback from the teachers and
> parents.
> Back on June 16th, I asked our Deaf staff members Darline Clark, Dave
> Gunsauls and Kevin Clark to come into a TV studio to sign the stories on
> video. We got a good video, and it is exciting to see the stories come
> alive through ASL. This is what we videotaped:
> Goldilocks & The Three Bears
> Cinderella
> Snow White
> Sleeping Beauty
> Humpty Dumpty
> and a poem entitled "One Harbor"
> Of course all of this literature will be written in SignWriting in book
> form, but I am happy to have the supporting video, because I am planning to
> create lessons where I show a picture from the video and then show how to
> read the sign in SignWriting. Plus the videos will be useful in other ways.
> If a teacher doesn't understand a written sign, they can review the video
> to find the sign. Plus...much later ...we can create an interactive video
> or an interactive cd-rom that shows one sentence signed in the ASL story,
> and then shows how it is written in the ASL books.
> Of course, we have older versions of some of these stories written and
> posted on our web site already, but those are samples for the web. The
> stories for the schools will be a little different, because they will
> coordinate with the video.
> In regards to true ASL folklore, stemming from the Deaf Community...that we
> do not have yet...but that day will come! And yes...I hope to place new
> literature on our web site in the future.
> If you are interested in participating in the SignWriting Literacy Project,
> BJ...there might be that possibility. Right now we have funding for the
> schools that are already accepted into the project. But, we are in search
> of funding to support new schools. So I can place your school on a list for
> future participants -
> Thanks for writing -
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Valerie Sutton :-)
> The DAC
> Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
> Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA
> (619)456-0098 voice
> (619)456-0010 tty
> (619)456-0020 fax
Hi Valerie:

I'm just an individual interested in being a guinea pig. As an adult
learning ASL, I am often challenged by the fact that my instructor
sometimes has difficulty explaining why we do one thing one time and
another a different time. I am trying internalize the language, but at
times, particularly because it doesn't have an accepted written form, I
can't flood my brain with pure ASL, so if you need a guinea pig, I'm at
your service.

Cheryl Zapien

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