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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jan 27, 2000  11:04 pm
Subject:  Surface Symbols

>surface symbols??

SignWriting List
January 27, 2000

I have attached a large .gif explaining Surface Symbols. I hope you
can read it. The Surface Symbols have to be constructed when typing
with SignWriter 4.3. You will find small lines and curves in
different places on the SignWriter Keyboard, and you have to piece it
together. They will become "real symbols that can be typed" in the
new SignWriter 5.0., but for now they have to be "pieced together".

If you can write the sign as it really looks in real life, you should
avoid the Surface Symbols... They are only used if there is no other
way to make the sign understandable.

Type: image/gif
Size: 10k

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