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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jan 28, 2000  6:26 am
Subject:  Re: Odyssey assignment

>With luck, I have managed to attach a story from the Odyssey as prepared by
>Barney Vega and myself. The final draft will have illustrations, but you
>can get the general idea from the text.
>-- James

SignWriting List
January 27, 2000

Thanks James and Barney for the great document! I look forward to
reading it in depth later ;-))

And Barney - I am totally impressed with your outstanding
SignWriting. I like the signs with the facial starts
"feeling right" the more facial expressions are added to
writing...because that is what we see when people sign to each other
- the facial expressions give a great deal of information...more than
I think most people when I opened your SignWriter file I
immediately was drawn to the signs with the facial expressions -

I must say, that is advanced reading and I love it....

Would you like to place your SignWriter documents for download from
the web? I will be happy to do that for you if you would like...but
they should be documents that you feel are finished and ready for
others to read....

Thanks once again for sending the great file -

Val ;-)

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