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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Feb 1, 2000  6:33 pm
Subject:  Fast Symbol vs. Tension Symbol

SignWriting List
February 1, 2000

QUESTION: What is the difference between the Fast Symbol and the
Tension Symbol?

ANSWER: The Fast Symbol shows speed.... a "quick movement", but there
is no tension involved - it is "evenly done but at a fast speed".

The Tension Symbol has no connection with "fast" or "slow"...the
speed is normal, but there is a feeling of tension with the movement,
or position.

Tension Symbols are also used to "place classifiers"...The Tension
Symbol next to a handshape literally means "a position held in space"
which does apply to a lot of classifiers in American Sign Language.
Because of this, the Tension Symbol is becoming a "classifier
marker" when writing ASL...

See attachment called less029.gif

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