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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jul 19, 1998  12:17 pm
Subject:  Re: Beta Testing

>Count me in, Valerie!! I have windows and my printer is a canon.

Hello Francis -
Thanks for offering to be a beta tester - I appreciate it.

You are the 6th beta tester to accept.

I am pleased because teachers at both the Robarts School and Caldwell
Elementary School will also be beta testing the program. Both schools are
participants in the SignWriting Literacy Project this fall -

Meanwhile I have been totally absorbed in software development this past
week - Chris, one of our programmers, did a terrific job of mathematics...
He kept emailing me with tiny details - each day my email box filled up
with message after message of technical questions.

What was Chris working on? Converting old files from the old computer
program to the new computer program. Some people have typed hundreds of
documents in SignWriter 4.3. It is very important that those files convert
automatically into the new SignWriter 5.0.

Chris would email me asking questions like..."Why does the symbol on the
"such-and-such" key, flop that way, when in the old program it flops the
opposite way? Those were the kind of picky details that caused confusion...

Then I would have to go back into the old program and see how I entered the
symbol 12 years ago, and then look in the new symbol file to see how I
entered it last week! We found inconsistencies, and then I would re-do that
one position, then Chris would go back and convert the old file again, to
see if the new entry worked. And that kind of work is still not completed...

BUT... I am happy to say that old files are converting very well now,
thanks to Chris' diligence!

I just converted three old files typed in 1986 (can you believe), and they
are clear and easy to read - so we are getting there :-)

Have a wonderful Sunday -

Valerie Sutton :-)


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