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From:  Cecelia Smith
Date:  Sat Feb 5, 2000  11:25 pm
Subject:  Re: Gallaudet University & Signwriting


In a message dated 2/5/00 9:25:11 AM Eastern Standard Time,

Who circulated that document? It must come from some office somewhere
there. >>

The document in question is part of a packet for a course at Gallaudet. It
is not that they do not have up to date material. I personally made sure that
the instructor in question, and everyone in the Linguistics department all
had very current material. It is his choice and preference to not use it.
They do not present SignWriting as a currently viable system, but as one of
many failed systems.

I honestly do believe that it won't be until students start arriving that are
natural users of the system that they will suddenly wake up to the fact that
SW is not just a fad. (We can also totally ignore the fact that SW has been
used in international conventions as the primary means for documenting

Sometimes, the source of frustration can be easily identified, but not

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