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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Feb 6, 2000  4:40 am
Subject:  Re: Help available to develop a LUC ?

Marc Bode wrote:
>Some years ago I had the idea for a language independent code.
>I call it LUC (Language Universal Code). Once written in this code,
>a document has not to be translated any more.
>Now I am forcing myself, to make some time available for this
>project, but need some support. May be, somebody of you is
>interested? I am German, but most of the time in Colombia, South
The webpage for this project:

SignWriting List
February 5, 2000

Welcome, Marc, to the SignWriting List!

I sent a SignWriting Information Packet to you in Magdalena, Colombia
about ten days ago...I hope you have received it? I didn't even
realize you had joined the List - so feel free to explain your
project further to us...

And we also have several members from Germany and Colombia on the List too...

I visited your web page and it seems very interesting and I noticed
you mention SignWriting!

LUC stands for "the Language Universal Code"...what a great idea!

It sounds like you are developing an international writing system for
concepts?... perhaps a little like Bliss Symbols or even Chinese, in
the sense that the spoken or signed languages may be different, but
your code would be written the same no matter what the language?

Or are you talking only about computer codes? Perhaps you mean that
you could store a complete document in SignWriting in the computer in
a new way, making translations into other writing systems faster?

I hope you will explain it better - please excuse my questions ;-)

As you know, SignWriting is not a is a way to write
many different signed languages...and signed languages are not
international...there are different signed languages associated with
different cultures.

So please write again and tell us more! There are several computer
programmers on the List, including Michael Everson, who works with

Val ;-)

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