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From:  elona wagner
Date:  Tue Jul 21, 1998  11:44 pm
Subject:  Re: Greeting from new memeber

>From Tue Jul 21 08:18:23 1998

>>My name is Elona Wagner. I am a mother and a pediatric home health
>>nurse. My interest in sign language began when I was a child. I also
>>have an interest in linguistics which would include computers.
>>Unfortunately I have not learned sign language, but since sign
>>has recently become an accepted "foreign" language I am looking
>>to taking a class in it next fall semester. I am
>>very interested in communicating with others in ASL as school is a
>>rather two dimensional way to learn a language/culture. When I found
>>your site I was very excited. I would be honored to be a participant
>>your cause. I also have a personal and professional interest in
>>learning signwriting as well as ASL. It is a very beautiful language
>>and I believe many of my pediatric patients and families would greatly
>>benefit from learning it. Many of my patients will never speak and
>>indigent or "written off" as hopeless in terms of aquiring language
>>skills. I hope we can help eachother and look forward to
>>hearing from you soon.
>>sincerely, Elona.

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