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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Feb 7, 2000  4:45 am
Subject:  How to write "swan" DGS version?

>Dear Valerie,
>How to write swan?
>I tried my best - but Im not sure! Would you please have a look at
>my "construction" ?


SignWriting List
February 6, 2000

Attached is a file that Stefan sent me, writing the sign for "swan"
in German Sign Language (DGS).

Just wanted to share this with all of you...I think it is well
written. The first position shows wrist flexing down, and the second
position writes elbow movement, showing the wings of the swan moving
in and out. Stefan added smooth movement under the elbow flapping,
because the movement is not sharp, like a chicken, but smooth like a
swan -

Stefan sent me a video clip of this movement - it was too large a
file to attach to the SignWriting List...maybe someday, as technology
gets better and everyone updates their email software, we could start
attaching photos or short video clips..but for now I think this
movement was written you can see how to write elbow
Type: image/gif
Size: 2k

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