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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Feb 8, 2000  11:11 pm
Subject:  Re: Question About Sign Spellings...

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>QUESTION: "The main problem has been "spelling." That is, I am still
>trying to understand how the symbols are to go together.

>ANSWER: Spelling rules are based on how the symbols relate to each
>other....It is called Spatial Relationships. We have writing rules
>governing this.


Please see the attached .GIF entitled "less036.gif". It shows that
the beginning position of a sign becomes the "center of the sign" and
the movement symbol then "drags" the beginning position into the
second position.

So when looking at the diagram, the handshape in the center is the
beginning position of an imaginary sign. Then the movement symbol
will "drag it" in different directions.

Sometimes we place another handshape at the end of the movement, and
sometimes we don't - it just depends on whether the sign is readable
without the second position.

Now, in the sign for God in ASL, the movement symbol "hits" the head
symbol. In that case, which is an exception, we can move the arrow
slightly to the side to avoid hitting the head...but it is still
"relating to the hand" from underneath because it is moving back:
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