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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Feb 10, 2000  4:50 pm
Subject:  Applying SW To Your Sign Language

At 4:11 PM -0500 2/9/00, Lourdes Tollette wrote:
>Just wondering you send attachment files.. Those sign are for Germany? or
>what? I don;t understand about curve stuff like that on the files. If it is
>for ASL then can you example me what sign for ? Sorry Lourdes


SignWriting List
February 10, 2000

Thanks, Lourdes, for this question. It brings up a very important point.

The symbols I taught are for ANY signed language. So, yes, they write
ASL, but they can also write German Sign Language. They are "general
movement symbols" that need to be "applied to different Sign

You know your language: American Sign Language...

And you are the first generation to learn to write ASL. And I know
you already read and write SignWriting well, because you are an
author of the wonderful children's story in ASL in SignWriting...

Frosty the Snowman

When you see signs already written in ASL in read
them immediately. But breaking them down into pieces, symbol by
symbol is harder and is a totally different experience.

So let us take the first illustration. See the attached file. There
are four different curved arrows in the diagram. Can you think of
some ASL signs that use a curved movement? What about the sign for
Christmas, or bowl or......

Please go through the ASL dictionary in SignWriter and find some
signs that use those curved arrows and then write to us to tell us
some of the ASL signs that use those arrows :-)))

Thanks for writing!!
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