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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jul 26, 1998  8:35 pm
Subject:  Re: eligability criteria: SignWriting Literacy Project

>Dear Committee,
>I am inquiring whether I meet the criteria to participate in the
>Literacy Project as I am not a teacher nor do I have deaf students. My
>interest and expertise is in the area of pediatric nursing with
>communication impaired infants and children. I am especially interested
>in early infancy and early childhood as I was formerly a preschool
>teacher and infant daycare worker. If I do not meet the criteria is
>there any other way we could tailor the project to meet both our needs
>as well as the common good of the community?
>Thank-you and sincerely,
>Elona Wagner RN-Miami,Florida.

Hello Elona -
Thank you for this message. No, you do not meet the criteria of the
"SignWriting Literacy Project", but yes, we can tailor a project to meet
your needs :-)

The SignWriting Literacy Project is designed specifically for deaf
children, K-12. At present we have six groups. Two of them are schools for
the deaf. A third school is a mainstreaming school. One is homeschooling.
One is private tutoring of native signers. And the last group is a special
case - the Brazilian schools for the deaf. We are slowly translating the
materials into Portuguese and Brazilian Sign Language for use in Brazil.

At present we cannot accept any more schools into the Literacy Project, but
we have a waiting list, and when more funding is received we will add
schools to the project. So if other schools are interested, please contact
me privately and I will be happy to place your school on our waiting list.

In regards to your work, Elona, I am assuming that the "communication
impaired infants and children" you mention use a signed language? If they
use a signed language to communicate, then SignWriting may be useful to
them. SignWriting has been used with some students who are considered
"slow-learners" - these children were not deaf but did use signs to

For us to tailor a project to your needs, I will need more specific
information about the children, your timetable, and your funding. You are
most welcome to write to me privately anytime, and we can work through the

Thanks for you interest -

Valerie {:-)


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