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From:  "Kimberly A. Martinez"
Date:  Thu Aug 20, 1998  1:49 am

Good Evening.

My name is Kim Martinez and I have been a member of the Sign Writing List
for a few months and thought I would finally introduce myself and ask for
some help.

I am pursuing my Masters degree in Education at the College of Santa Fe. I
will begin work on my thesis soon and I would like some information from
anyone who has some to pass along.

Background: My Masters is in Education and our Program focuses on At-Risk
Youth -- my concentration is Bilingual/Mulitcultural Education. I have a
BS in Sign Langague Interpreting and Psychology and as my forgein language
requirment ASL.

I have been considering as my thesis topic an ESL (English as a Second
Language) Cirriculum for Deaf students and I wanted to include in this
cirriculum Sign Writing as the literacy component which is usually missing
from Deaf education. This topic is not final -- as it has to pass my
committee first.

I understand that Sign Writing is being introduced into schools this fall
in order to bring literacy to Deaf students by first using their language
(what a concept - ha ha). I would like to know how the Literacy Project
progresses in the various schools.

I would like to know if anyone has developed an ESL or Bilingual Cirrciulum
for Deaf students or knows of someone who has? I would like to enhance
what has already been done, if anything. I would also like to know more
about Sign Wriring. Is all of the information on the Web Page or is there
other information that I can get? Oh yeah, the cirriculum is for
elementary (grades 3-4).

I would appreciate any information that anyone may have.

Thank you for your time.


(P.S. Please ignore any spelling errors -- I am a horrible speller and I am
using a old verision of Eduora. Thanks.)

Kimberly A. Martinez

Ph: 505-474-5369
Fax: 505-424-6915

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