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From:  Cecelia Smith
Date:  Thu Aug 20, 1998  5:32 pm
Subject:  hello world

Hi there;

I am Cecelia Smith, and have been away from the list most of the summer. I am
a graduate student in Linguistics at Gallaudet University.

Some of you may remember that I was attempting to use Sign Writing as a
semester project last year... however once I asked for information from the
list, I fell silent. That was due primarily to the fact that I was unable to
gather an adequate amount of data to convince my instructor that SignWriting
was an appropriate topic for a Masters degree this point in time.

She did acknowledge that the current project will undoubtedly produce enough
research level data for a "future" study at my level, but I definately got
squashed on my project.

So... I have to admit I've been a bit embarassed and haven't written to the
list... however, I refuse to knuckle under completely. I have been practicing
SW during the summer and I have every intention of using it in papers in the
next two years as the documentation portion of any sign analysis that I do.
My support for this is the fact that SW has been used at international
conventions on sign language research, and is currently in use at the Salk
Institute... I have already been told that I will need to use the university
accepted system as well, but I am stubborn. I plan to use both.

That's me. I hope this list continues to be as helpful and supportive as it
has up through this point.

See you all on line.

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