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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Thu Mar 2, 2000  5:33 pm
Subject:  spider -gymnastics

Hi Charles, - dear SWL members

although you adressed your question especially to Valerie I hope very much
that it doesnt bother you if I refer to that. ;-)

Here is your .sgn shown as gif - have a look at the attachment.

Thank you very much for this question. I could work on that for about 2
hours now.

First of all - Im not sure what the sign for spider is in your SL -

The DGS -sign will be shown in my next message.

I looked at your writing and tried to move my hands like that. I myself feel
uncomfortable with the position in the middle - but I didnt know how a
spider is supposed to do his exercises elsewhere in the world. All legs
together ? Ive got my doubts.

What about claw-hands or open C-Hands ??

When I treid to write your sign in different ways , I noticed that Im not
sure how you would like to interpret your sign - starting at the top and
then going down ? Is there a rule for that in SW - in case that there are
several movements but no arrow?

How should we write this spider -push- up gym - if he is doing this for a
whole while - advanced level gymnastik teacher ?
I tried several arrows - but I m not satisfied - as the arrows would
indicate a movement of the whole hand /both hands from here to there?

Is there a special arrow that doesnt mean moving from here to there but
just helping to read the order of movements?
So my question is - how do we write this repitition up down up down
- stayinf with the hands at the same place?

In the end I wanted to know how it really looks like - this spider -gym
thing - so I went downstairs . Next to my room with the parrots there are
some of these friends.

Ill tell you in my next message.

Stefan ;-)

>From: Charles Butler
>Reply-To: SignWriting List
>To: SignWriting List
>Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 18:59:04 -0500
>Question to Valerie,
>How does one write the position of two hands spread, facing each other,
>touching all five fingers to each opposite finger, and then flexing the
>This is kind of the old children's mime of "a spider doing pushups on a
>mirror" and I am not sure how to show hands closing partway while still
>remaining in contact.
>I can't get my stupid paint program to work, so I am sending you a .sgn
>with the figures for discussion that I have attempted to puzzle out.
><< Spider.sgn >>

Type: image/gif
Size: 1k

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