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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Mon Mar 6, 2000  11:22 pm
Subject:  Starting Questions

Here is the beginning of many questions I'm sure as we begin to transcribe
this videotape. I will just list what we have so far, and you can just
answer them as you can in the order you can.

1. How do you write finger spellings when the signer is pointing at the
wrist during the fingerspelling?

2. In the videotape, he signs hello with both hands together and then signs
hello alternating with his right hand and then left and then right
again. Should the alternating "hello's" be one sign signed with
alternating movement or three separate signs?

I guess these are my starting questions from the first several verses.



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3141 Re: Starting Questions Valerie Sutton Mon  3/20/2000

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