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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Wed Mar 8, 2000  9:15 pm
Subject:  Re: Order of Reading Movement

Dear Valerie,
thanks again very much.

As you know - Iīm very busy to write new signs for my pupils and Iīm so
greatful for your help.

Stefan ;-)

>From: Valerie Sutton
>Reply-To: SignWriting List
>To: SignWriting List
>Subject: Order of Reading Movement
>Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 07:07:03 -0800
>On 3/2/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>Is there a special arrow that doesnīt mean moving from here to there but
>just helping to read the order of movements?
>SignWriting List
>March 8, 2000
>Hello everyone - And thanks Stefan for the above question, that was hidden
>inside one of your adorable "spider gymnastics" messages....

My pupils could read it. Big smile and again and again - we performed it!
Thanks for your comment. Itīs the second reaction. I was wasnīt quite sure -
didnīt want to annoy anybody !

>Here are the rules on reading the movement in signs:
>1. If there are Movement Arrows in the sign, then you read the sign
>starting at the stem of the arrow and the sign then moves in the direction
>of the arrow. This means that if a Movement Arrow is pointing up, then the
>sign starts low, and ends high. But if the Movement Arrow were pointing
>down, then the movement starts high and finishes low.
>2. If the Movement Arrows are in clusters or groups, or if they are
>"combined arrows", where many arrows are blended to become one symbol, then
>the rule is: Read the cluster of Movment Symbols from: 1. Center to Out or
>2. Top to Bottom.
>3. If there are no Movement Arrows in the sign, but smaller symbols are
>used to show small movement, such as Finger Movement, or Push-Tension, then
>again the rule is: Read the small movements from: 1. Center to Out or 2.
>Top to Bottom.
>So in the example of the miming of a spider reflected in a mirror, which
>Charles Butler wrote (which was not necessarily a sign, but was a part of a
>"mime-like" storytelling sequence) read the sign or gesture from Top
>to Bottom:
><< _less078.gif >>
><< less078.gif >>

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